Yorkshire Yarn Fest exclusive - Autumn Leaves bags.

Available in a range of size, from blankets to socks, these are a great home for autumn fibre projects. Featuring a riot of autumn coloured leaves falling down, stiffened and lined, with a zip top to keep everything in place.


Blanket size will hold around 9-10 100g skeins, depending on how much else you want to carry around, features pockets in the bottom and long carry handles made from cotton herringbone. Sizes 43cm (17in) wide, 35.5cm (14in) high and with a 15cm (6in) flat bottom.


Sweater is designed to hold 4-500g of yarn and features a detachable wrist strap. Size  32.5cm (12 3/4in) wide, 30.5cm (12in) high with a 10cm (4in) flat bottom.


Shawl is ideal for 2-300g projects and has a fixed wrist strap. Size 26cm (10in) wide, 23.5 (9in) high, with a 7.5cm (3in) flatt bottom.


Sock is great for small 100g projects and has a fixed wrist strap. Size 20.5cm (8in) wide, 22cm (8 1/2in) high, with a 7cm( 2 3/4in) flat bottom.


Thanks to the stiffener, these will hold their shape so can be used to hold yarn while you work.



Autumn leaves bags - Yorkshire Yarn Fest exclusive

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