Broken light shawl; evoking memories of a sunny day spent in the woods. Dense tree cover gives dark shade with little on the ground. Moving through the woods the canopy becomes more broken, giving dappled light and plants grow on the ground. Eventually you come to cleared spaces flooded with light.


This is a long assymetric triangle shawl with four sections. It looks more complicated than it is! Mostly the stitches are just knit and purl worked in two colours, with a simple lace section to represent the cleared open sections. Shawl takes two 100g skeins of 4 ply, shown here in our luxury camel silk yarn in steel and steel semi.


Listing is for a paper pattern in a4 format which will be posted to you. If you prefer to have a pdf copy that you can print at home, this pattern is available on ravelry. Thanks to the rules around VAT collection for digital items, I cannot sell them through this website.

Broken light shawl