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Which kitty got all the milk? All the kitties! Ideal for up to 500g of yarn, depending on what other notions you need, this is ideal for smaller jumper and cardigan projects. This version has a zip top to keep everything in one place meaning there's no faffing trying to find everything when you have half an hour to sit and craft. Also features a grab and go wrist strap, perfect for taking on weekends away, or just to the pub! With a generous flat bottom, and interfacing for stiffness, this bag will stand up while you work, minimising the risk of a runaway yarn incident, and helping to keep your yarn clean while you're out and about.


Made in a pure cotton fabric, with a white cotton liner.


This is one of our largest bags and measures 13in by 11 in (33cmx28) and with a 4 in (10cm) flat bottom.


Handmade large project bag - milk fiend cats