Intertidal shawl; as the tide retreats, the water drains back down the beach in small rivulets that weave and cross, eventually joining to become larger streams. Inspired by my local beach!


This is a small triangle shawl, worked assymetrically. It features easy cables for the main body of the shawl which flow into a larger braided border. The placing of the cables creates a scalloped edge without the need for any trickery. 


Worked in one 100g skein of 4 ply yarn, sample is shown in our mohair sock in the colourway very berry.


Listing is for a paper pattern in a4 format which you will receive through the post. If you'd prefer a pdf version that you can print at home, this pattern can be purchased through ravelry. Due to VAT regulations on digital items I am unable to sell them through this website.

Intertidal shawl