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A fun medium project bag, in a sage green with a lovely print of dapper foxes in top hats & monocles. Perfect for the avid knitter. This bag will carry up to 200g of yarn & is perfect for shawls and socks.


Zipped on the top for the safety of your yarn, these are great for storing your projects neatly, helping you keep yarn, pattern and notions together. They have a grab and go wriststrap for ease of transportation so you can take your knitting or crochet with you on the go.


Made up in a pure cotton fabric with white cotton liner for extra thickness and interfacing for stiffness. Wedge shaped, this bag will stand up while in use, but can be folded flat for storage. Also features a wrist strap for grab & go work in progress projects.

Bags measure 10x9 in (25x23cm) with a 3in (8cm) flat bottom.

Medium project bag - dapper foxes