These removable markers feature a lovely cheeky sheep charm. These are different on both sides so you get cheeky sheep faces on one side, and cheeky sheep bottoms on the other side. Great for knitting or crochet projects, helping you keep your stitch safe when you need to put it down, or mark a pattern change. The silver tone charms are fitted onto a 14mm lobster claw clasp and are easily moved from stitch to stitch. They can be used directly onto a knitting needle or to capture a working stitch for crochet, or wherever you need to hold a stitch in knitting, for example on a v neck or as a locking stitch marker. Great to grab and hold dropped stitches until you can deal with them and if you accidentally knit one in you can just unhook it! Brilliant gift for the crochet addict in your life, or treat yourself to a charm for your knitting bag.

Removable crochet stitch markers - fat sheep