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These are large sized sweater bags, made from remnants & left overs from larger bags, or last ones who are feeling unloved and really need a home, or ones where I've run out of fabric for the handles & they have cotton herringbone ones instead.

These are generally made in limited numbers, and my scraps box is slightly exploding after a prolonged period away from shows during covid. These are offered at a juicy discount to reflect the fact that they're from leftovers, and the fact that I have so much in my work room I can't move!

Definitely not to be repeated, stock listed here is all there is.


13in by 11 in (33cmx28) and with a 4 in (10cm) flat bottom. This size holds around 500g of yarn. Please bear in mind though that these are made from leftovers and this can vary a little.


The two long ones are approximately 15 1/2 in x 9in (39cm x 23cm) with a 5in (13cm) flat bottom. Similar capacity, they'll take around 4-500g of yarn.

All made from pure cotton outer & liner, with a zip for access and security.

Large scrap bags